Our Goals
  • To develop a real restate brand synonymous with quality, trust and wealth creation

  • To work to international standards of best practices in a framework of goodwill and transparency

  • To develop properties at the upper mid-income price brackets

  • To develop projects that provides a high return on capital while minimizing the risk.

Our Capabilities
  • Innovative concept developments & marketing strategies that ensure project sales & viability

  • Rigorous financial, technical & legal due diligence

  • Thorough market research & feasibility analysis supported by Financial Models

  • Proven real estate development as well as sales and marketing track record

  • Dubai wide & Overseas marketing network

  • Financial strength

  • Strong IT + Technology + Systems to drive sales, track & manage receivables

  • Good reputation with customers, investors & banks

Our Strategies

  • Conduct financial, legal, commercial, technical due diligence

  • Deploy capital investment use leverage as appropriate

  • Manage investment according to pre-agreed investment objectives

  • Establish legal & corporate structures of the investment & development entities

  • Develop pricing, marketing & distribution strategies

  • Implement accounting system & procedures to monitor investment

  • Cash-out at pre-determined times and return funds to shareholders