Fees and Charges



Lender typically charges AED2,500 at the time of loan application and the balance when the loan is approved.
Valuation Fees
i) valuation for completed properties
ii) valuation for un-completed properties (properties which have not been resided in and are due for imminent completion)

AED 2,500 to 3,000
AED 3,500 to 4,000

Paid at application stage. Cost of valuation depends on the property and its stage of development. Non-refundable fee.
Indicative fee for transfer of Legal Title


Payable to Dubai Lands Dept on value of Property at time of registration
Buildings Insurance


Charged on the value of the property by the lender.
Registration of Mortgage 0.25% Payable to Dubai Lands Dept on Mortgage amt. at time of registration
Land Department Site Plan Fee AED 100 Payable to Dubai Lands Dept to obtain an attested Site Plan of Property
Landev Arrangement Fee AED 1500 Non-refundable and paid in advance to arrange mortgage.