Growth in GDP
Abu Dhabi, UAE's capital, is the wealthiest of the 7 emirates. Abu Dhabi in 2005 had registered the world's highest per capita income of US$ 46,147. The emirate is surging ahead with implementation of ‘Plan Abu Dhabi 2030: Urban Structure Framework Plan’, an endeavour to make Abu Dhabi a global capital city. This plan involves development of real estate projects in the city in line with real estate laws and urban and environmental planning.

Key Indicators:  

  • Series of legislative reforms in 2005 governing property ownership als

  • Surge in local as well as expatriate population

  • Demand for residential/offices units outstrip supply

  • Greater need for retail spaces and hotel rooms

  • Phenomenal growth witnessed in Dubai real estate

  • Abu Dhabi's population growth has averaged 7.3% annually in the last 4 years