Proof of Income
For an applicant residing in a jurisdiction where taxation is relevant, we require 3 years’ personal tax statements to be submitted with the application. Where the jurisdiction does not have tax, the following is applicable:
  • Employed: Original salary certificate and associated original bank statements. If employed for less than 6 months please enclose employer's letter confirming probationary period has been successfully completed.

  • Self-Employed: Original audited accounts for the preceding 3 years, and original accountant’s certified letter of earnings, (along with tax returns if applicable) to reconcile the earnings.

Original current credit card statement
Original bank statements for the preceding 6 months

Personal Information

Passport copy. (UAE residents and non-residents can avail of home loans).

Proof of Residence

Original utility bill (electricity or water bill) showing residential address in country of residence.

Property Information

Original property sales agreement from the developer showing property details, payment schedule and signatures from the purchaser and the developer.

Copy of receipts for payments made to date on the property (deposits and stage payments)